Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Imagining your Game

The game I imagine is a racing game about animal abuse.What I would make a racing car and you would have to start on a street and you would go around and you have to go around picking up dogs in a certain time limit.If you reach the limit then you go on to the next level.If you to fail to reach the certain standards then your car will be destroyed and you would have to start that mission over.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Game Genre

The genre I chose was racing.One fact that I learned was that Gran Trak 10 was the first racing game that was ever made.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The book I'm reading

The book I'm reading is called Michael Jackson:Ultimate Music Legend.I chose this book because Michael was inspirational to me and the whole world.I finished the book so I can tell you what the whole book was about,it was about this young boy borned in Gary,Indiana.his name was Michael Joseph Jackson.Later on in the book the Jackson brothers formed a group called the Jackson's and had a record label called Steel town Records.They then moved to Motown.They then called themselves the Jackson 5.A few years later they left Motown and the Jackson's separated.When Michael got older he joined Mowtown for a 25 year celebration where the Jackson's formed together again and began to preform there hits while they were at Motown.After they preformed Michael preformed his latest hit Billie Jean where he introduced the new dance move the moonwalk going backwards smoothly looking like he was walking.That is all I'm going to tell you so I don't ruin the book.

Michael Joseph Jackson

Friday, November 12, 2010

Into the Arms of Strangers

Into the Arms of Strangers is about these old people and they were telling their stories during the Holocaust.They also said how Adolf Hitler first started to take control of Germany and then all the other countries.Adolf Hitler started to burn down synagogues,Jewish stores,and started arresting Jews and sending them to concentration camps.It was very devastating how Adolf Hitler trained his army to be cruel to Jewish people,and how they just treated them like animals.The Jewish people had to send their kids away because they didn't want them to get killed and the Nazis only allowed the kids to take certain amounts of items,they were not allowed to take personal items.The children were allowed to send letters to their parents while they were in their foster homes but England and Germany got in some fight and were at war with each other.So because of this all kinder transports and letters to anywhere out side of England had to stop.Then England made this alarm to warn the whole city that there was about to be a bombing so the children and the adults had to hide and put on gas masks.Then as the war progressed any refugees that were in England were sent to jail.There was this transportation boat called the HMT Dunera that took them to Australia.As this transport was on this journey a Nazi submarine spotted them and fired a torpedo but luckily it clipped the boat and it continued its journey to Australia.Anyone who wanted to move to England had to join the army.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anne Frank

My thoughts of the movie "The Diary of Anne Frank" was that it was a sad movie.It was hard to see Jewish people having to live in that harsh way.I know I couldn't live in a very small attic like that with about 6-7 people in there.I'm glad that WWII is over and now people have the freedom to do what ever they want.At the end of the movie unfortunately they got caught and were sent to concentration camps everyone died in the camps except Mr.Frank he survived then died of old age.

Anne Franks House in 3-D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Minigame Project

My favorite part of the mini game project was being able to make things work how I want them to work.Like you have to put in computer codes in order to make an object move a certain way.My least favorite part was trying to make the carrot go up,down,left,and right.I am waiting to put the code in where if the object goes across the screen it will start counting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of November 1-5

  What we did today is research.We also got to start on a new project.Today was a very interesting day because we got to use Flash.
  What I'm looking forward to learning this week is how to use Flash more better.Flash is complicated but not to where I cant figure out what to do.I like it because its challenging most of the stuff we do in Globaloria is easy because I have a laptop at home and I know what to do.
   What I feel about using Flash is its kind of weird.Its like the Wiki,you have to know computer codes for certain things.Like for instance if you want to have an object to move a certain way you have to have a code like this (carrot._x = 400; ).The successes Ive had this week were using Flash correctly and not falling behind.I also been getting good grades in Globaloria because Ive been finishing my posts and doing my assignments.
  What Ive learned this week is how to use Flash.We've been doing Flash all this week 
 and were trying to practice making a game so when it comes time to make our own game we'll know what to do.Its fun using Flash because you can make things work how you want them to work.
   This week all we've been doing is using Flash and that's about it.Thank god its Friday the week went by fast because that's what we did (Flash) it was simple grade week.