Friday, October 29, 2010

Notes (4 websites for scocial issue)

The websites I got my information from were Brain Pop,Animal Abuse (Wikipedia),ASPCA,The NAAR (National Animal Abuse Registry),Animal Rights

Most animals get abused by there owners because they like to make money with dog fights or they just there pet is dumb.Most of the time if there is a animal being abuse in a house hold than more than likely there is a child being abused too if they had one.This is because the parents/owners/guardians take out there anger on the dog and the child they just think they're nothing.That's why we have animal shelters for dogs and adoption care for children.Study shows that 70% of animal abusers have at least committed 1 other crime if not more.Sometimes animal abusers would get a note on there door saying to call animal control because they were about to take there pets because of that.All though they think they can just ignore it the animal control would contact the police and if they still wont respond then the police will give he/she a citation then if they're crazy enough and still wont

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week of October 25-29

  The movie Paper Clips is about this one little school in Tennessee and they were collecting paper clips for all the ones who died in the Holocaust.So they started to ask everybody around the world and they got paper clips from famous people like Tom Hanks and Bill Cosby.
   Today we finished watching the Paper Clips movie and it was kind of sad.The children finally fished collecting there paper clips and some one suggested that they get a rail road car that used to transport people to concentration camps.So they did and they found one in Germany and sent it by boat to Baltimore and then on train to Tennessee then by a eighteen wheeler to the school.When they got it they started to put all the paper clips into the car and once they were finished they started giving tours to other students from different schools.
  This week in Globaloria is how not to judge people by what they look like or how they talk or silly things like that.We saw that by one little school could make a whole diffrence in the world.Paper Clip Project Homepage
  Yesterday we were searching for a website that had the paper clips project home page,and we had to make a link to it on our post.We also did a online survey for Globaloria and it was asking us to rate how they were doing as teachers.
  All this week we've been doing research on our game topic.We've been on Brain Pop,Wikipedia,and other websites like that.We've been also doing is Looking at Whitwell's project which is collecting paper clips for all the people who died in the Holocaust.It was emotional for them because they got to see and meet real Holocaust survivers.I think they were inspirational to the people who had family in the Holocaust and one little school could make the whole world change the way we look at people.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Internet Communication

Some ways that computer communication is used is with myspace,facebook,emails,stuff like that.Another way is live computer chat that some people use if they don't have emails and things like that.I think computer communication is important because you can communicate with them and not having to use up your phone minutes.Its also important because some people loose contact with family members and they want to keep in touch with them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Food Nutirtion

The way food can impact our lives is,well its the thing that keeps us alive.Its important to me because poor or low paying families have to eat cheese burgers because its less money than healthier foods.Poor families were pointing out that you could buy 5 cheeseburgers at McDonald's instead of a head of lettuce for the same amount.I personally think that they should make junk food expensive be cause your choosing between life or death,healthy or un-healthy,but that's just my opinion.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dance

Tonight is the dance and I'm kind of excited.I hope the DJ is good because I don't want to be dancing to some wacky music.All of my classmates and friends have someone they are taking and I have to admit I got somebody too.I'm taking.....well maybe I shouldn't say anything I should just keep it a secret.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reasearch Topic

What topic have you chosen for your research? Why is this topic important to you?
The topic that I chose was animal abution.I chose this topic because I have a dog at home and I couldn't imagine seeing him get hurt.I think that animals should have the right to have freedom and not being abused for some dumb reason.The people who do this I think that they should be put away for life because they might come out of jail and abuse animals again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue Gold

What are your thoughts on the film *Blue Gold*? What did you learn from watching the film? Were there any things about water that surprised you?
The movie "Blue Gold" is about this crisis that we have with water.We are using water to much that we are close to having no water at all!I learned by watching this film that we cant be using up all our resources for silly things water is like a god to us and with out it i wouldn't be typing this blog right now.The things that surprised me is how silly people can be (no offense) we built sidewalks and the water cant back into the ground anymore so it cant restore itself so it just goes back into the ocean with all the crud that it has in it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Biggest Challenge

What has been your biggest challenge so far in Globaloria? What have you done to overcome it? What other challenges have you faced so far this year?
I really didn't have any challenges in Globaloria.Actually I did but it wasn't really a challenge just something I had to work on.I was having trouble with the editing page for my Wiki.Eventually I started to figure out how to work it so I got better at it.The way I overcame it is by practicing at home on my moms laptop.Also,there is no other challenges that I faced this year.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Element Concentration

Element Concentration is a website that has a guessing game about a guessing game about the science elements.It different types like easy,medium,and hard.It doesn't matter what type you pick it is hard.I would recommend this to anybody.

Enganging Science Games

Engaging Science Games is a very cool website.It has challenging games.It also have different topics like aquariums and stuff like that.I would recommend this to any body who's looking for something to do.

Energy Quest

Energy Quest is a very boring website.All it has in it is facts about school and stuff.It doesn't have any games at all.I wouldn't recommend going to it not unless you want to fall asleep!

Water Cycle Link

The water cycle link is basically a website and you press these buttons and things happen.Like "W" is for water shortages."R" is for rain.Well you get the idea you should go there if your really bored.

EPA Climate Change

EPA Climate change is a website that has different games in it like checkers,hangman,and many others.I would recommend this to other people.Well i guess i lied a minute ago if you play checkers it cheats.Like for instance if you jump someone it puts that piece back so you wont jump him back.

My Choice

What I'm  going to go do this weekend is take my step sister out to eat whatever she wants because it's her birthday.Yes i said "I'm going to take her out to eat but I'm not driving."Also I'm going to pay Ive been saving money.There also going to take her to a base ball game but I'm not going because unlike everybody else I'm a RED SOX FAN!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Energy Hog

Energy Hog is a pretty fun game.Its better than all the other games that Ive played.All you are doing is you have to find the main source of energy.When you find it you go into this little mini game and you have to beat up the energy hogs or something like that.

Plant It Green

Plant it green is boring all you have to do is make this little town green.I didn't know what to do so i just destroyed all the buildings.I wouldn't recommend this to any body.Even if you like boring games you would fall asleep!

Flex your power trivia game

Flex your power trivia game is just a trivia game.It has levels but its boring.I mean if you like trivia games well than go ahead and play it.I'm not much of a trivia game guy so that's why i don't really like it.

The Great Green Web Game

The Great Green Web Game is a boring game but it teaches you things.Like for instance it teaches you how to take care of the Earth.It's just basically a board game.I wouldn't recommend playing it not unless your really into playing boring games.

Energy Ville

Energy Ville is a boring game because there is only 2 levels than its over.The reason I don't like it is because there is no concept to it.There is no main reason for what your supposed to do.I think they need to fix that game because that is one short boring game.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Important Documentary

The most important documentary was Food Inc. because I felt bad for that little kids parents because he died from this disease called E Collie.The way that cows get E Collie is when farmers feed there cows corn and they can prevent that by feeding them grass but they just don't want to.The reason for that is because corn lasts longer and more and more people are starting to eat meat and they want it fatter so they give them corn to satisfy the costumers.The way that you could help to prevent that is by going to buy groceries at your local farmers market.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dirt the Movie

Dirt the Movie was about people talking about how dirt is important to us.Like for instance dirt grows plants and we eat the plants and animals eat the plants then we eat the animals.Its a cycle.Dirt was a pretty good movie it was boring though.Dirt the movie was similar to Food Inc. because it was talking about poor countries not being able to purchase food and that was similar with both movies and they both also talked about how if we use up to many resources than we will not be able to survive.I personally think that Food Inc. was better because Dirt the movie was basically talking about dirt.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Weekend

What I'm going to do this weekend is....actually i don't know what I'm going to do.I think my family is going to go see a movie.My brother has a game tomorrow.I also have to go to the Service Learning Project.On Sunday I have base ball practice and thats it.Thats my weekend.