Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Apollo 13

The Apollo 13  movie was about these 3 astronauts that are on a mission to go to the moon.The 3 astrnauts were Jim Lovell,Jack Swigert,and Fred Haise.They had a lot of problems in space that they had to compromise with and one of them was not going to the moon.They didn't have enough energy to go to land on the moon and back so they just passed up the moon and go back home.Then when they were back on Earth they were picked up from the ocean from the Navy and they went all back home and they celebrated.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Lightning Thief

It was about this boy named Percy and he goes to Yale Academy.He is in a school that has trouble makers and mental kids.He has been in and out of 6 diffrent schools in the last 6 years.He has a latin teacher that wants him to be the best of the best in his class and Percy does not know why exactly that his teacher pushes him so hard.Then one day his teacher turned into some devil thingy and Percy killed her with a pen that turned into a sword.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Choice

What I'm going to talk about today is about the new movie Fast Five.It is an awesome movie.It has many good actors from diffrent action movies.I think it's going to be the most famous movie of the year.I hope my parents get it on dvd when it comes on dvd.

Fast Five (Wikipedia)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Reflection of Globaloria

My experiences with a team is that I think it's better to be on a team then being by myself.If I was by mayself then I wouldve had to do all the work without a partner to help me.What I'm proud of in Glabaloria is that I have improved since the begining of the school year.I used not to be able to type without looking at the keyboard,now I can type without looking.What I learned about myself  is that I knew alot about computers than I really thought I did.What I learned about our game topic (animal cruelty) is that more and more animals get abused every year.I learned more about Flash and how to use the diffrent tools that are on there.Now that I'm at kind of a pro at computers it will help me at my job.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Choice

What I'm going to talk about is how  awesome my name is.My name is AiR H3Ad and it is awesome because it's a awesome candy and it fits for me because I got a big head.I made up my name with the help of some of my friends.Now everybody calls me that name and now it has became my "official" name.So anybody trying to call my real name,I will not answer them,or at least try not to.

-AiR H3Ad