Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Forks Over Knives

1. What do you think the documentary will be about?

I think it will be about how the food we eat can do some serious damage to our health.

2. What do you think the title implies/indicates about the film?

I think it's giving us a hint that it will be about eating healthy.


People have become very unhealthy by the way they eat

1950's was the era of fast food and easy make meals

Nixon signed a paper called the Fight for Cancer of 1971

the U S was more likely to get cancer

animal based food products or most dangerous to human health

eating a plant based diet could help you and make you less likely to get a illness

their discoveries were that with illnesses the U S had the most

people need red meat or "animal based products" but people just abuse it and over stuff themselves with it that's why they become obese/over weight

doctors discovered that people from Asia that were born around 1930's were on a rice and vegetable diet and as their generations came along their kids gave up the rice and went to burgers, the old people were more mobile and lean and the kids were over weight and non mobile

High Fructose Corn Syrup is used to sweeten things and people use it because its cheap and its bad for you

Genes and unhealthy eating are a bad combination to cause cancer

small percentage of cancer is caused by genes

animal food make cancer cells grow

processed food make your stomach feel like its not full and it causes you to eat more or over eat

earth based foods fill your stomach fully and you don't over eat

oils make your stomach barely feel like its full and causes you to eat to much

stores make fast food stuff really cheap so low income people can pay and they can eat the junk stuff.......it is said that they are most likely to be unhealthy

People from Asia had a lot of vegetables and soup with a slice a meat, as they came to America they realized that Americans were eating big pieces of meat as that would feed a whole family with only 1 big piece.

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